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Grow your yoga career with our 500+ Hour program

YogaSource Los Gatos is one of the world's leading teaching institutions. The 500+ Hour training is our advanced program and our equivalent of graduate study. We issue certificates at the 300-hour, 500-hour, 1000-hour, 1500-hour, and 2000-hour benchmarks. Our 300-hour and 500-hour certificates have been designed to meet the requirements of the YogaAlliance.

The diversity and breadth of our advanced curriculum (over 2000 hours of accredited hours per year) and the excellence of our faculty offer you an unparalleled opportunity to develop your professional credentials through a process that is perfectly tailored to you. Our mission is to enable current teachers to take leadership positions in efforts to improve the quality of education of yoga around the world. You will find an endless source of inspiration, tangible tools to grow your career as a yoga professional, and a new family that includes some of the most influential teachers of our time.

How our 500+ program works:

  • Application to the 500+ Hour Program is available year-round.
  • You can build your own program from our extensive offering of modules. 
  • A non-refundable enrollment fee of $195 is required to process your application and periodically review and advise your course selection in order to ensure it meets the standards of other governing bodies, such as the YogaAlliance. We will not charge your card until your application has been reviewed, your advisor has crafted your curriculum plan, and you are accepted into the program.
  • All other payments are spread out to pay-as-you-go per module.
  • We have chosen not to make any of the modules in our Advanced Program required, in order to give you as much flexibility as possible in crafting a curriculum that suits you perfectly. That said, in order to fulfill the requirements of the YogaAlliance for hours with primary faculty, we have differentiated all the modules in our advanced program as being CORE (with primary faculty) or ELECTIVE (with other faculty). When selecting your schedule, look to create a good balance of core and electives. Our Teacher Training Advisor is available to help you at every step of the way through email at teachertraining@yogasource.com or by appointment in person.
  • Graduates of our 200 Hour training can count their 200 hours towards our 500 hour certificate and beyond. Graduates of another 200 hour YogaAlliance registered school may pursue a 300 hour Certificate through our program and combine both certificates with the YogaAlliance for 500 hour registry.
  • Credit for other prior hours of training may be granted upon review of your application. 
  • We recommend a 60 hour or 100 hour Mentorship with our senior faculty. Mentorships are a valuable way of growing as a teacher, gaining unique insider access to a senior teacher’s methodology, and accumulating a significant amount of contact hours towards your certificate. Currently, half of the mentorships are also CORE contact hours.
  • Certificates are issued for the completion of the Foundational 200 hour trainings only.
  • Upon completion of required hours and/or homework for any 500 hour module, participants will need to contact the presenter of each training if they wish to obtain a certificate of completion.
  • To receive credit, attendance to all segments is required unless otherwise pre-approved by the teacher. Participants will need to ensure they sign the attendance sheets for every segment.

For an updated SCHEDULE and Prices of all training modules eligible for credit under our 500+ Hour Program, click here

Please be sure to check back with us frequently as we continue to add more exciting modules with your favorite teachers.


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