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The Yoga Alliance is the nation's leading yoga trainings accreditation authority. They recognize trainings at the 200 and 500 hour level, which may be a combination of 200 and 300 hour trainings. Our 200 Hour Certification has been approved to meet their standards since its inception in 2006. We expect to receive their approval on our 300 and 500 Hour Certifications in Spring 2013.



  1. Pre-disclosed and emergency absences may not exceed 20% of the curriculum hours for each module. We require that all hours missed be made up, through a combination of lecture summary from audio recordings, workshops covering the topic, study groups or if needed, assistant hours. For each 4 late arrivals or early departures, we may require one hour with the training assistant. Assistant hours are billed at $95/hour.  
  2. Texting, internet browsing or any other use of computers, tablets or smart phones is prohibited during training hours, unless pertinent to the content of the training.
  3. All assignments and exams must be turned in before their due dates. Level 1 requires the completion of an individual project or research paper demonstrating effort, expertise and excitement about the topic, due 3 months after the end of Level 2 of the same year. 
  4. Level 2 must be taken within 3 years of Level 1.
  5. During Level 2, participants teach a final practice class demonstrating a strong ability to create a harmonious sequence, explain the poses, manage the space and engage the students.
  6. We ask that all all participants review and agree to the teacher's code of conduct set by the Yoga Alliance.

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