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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Attend Class If I've Never Done Yoga Before?

Yes! The beauty of yoga is that it's ideal for everyone, all ages and all abilities. Whether you practice Bikram or Flow or Yin with YogaSource, you will find that there are a variety of modifications that will suit your abilities. If you're new, you can practice alongside advanced students to visualize the progression of poses. Please read our class descriptions and ask our studio hosts at the front desk for advice what styles would suit your needs best.

What Should I Wear?

Wear light "stretchy" clothes in which you can move easily but covers appropriately to accommodate the many forward bends that can be revealing.

What Should I Bring To Class?

Bring a mat (we carry the largest selection of quality mats), a large towel (we also carry every color of Yogitoes imaginable -- it's the best yoga towel) and water to class. All our heated classes are vigorous and will generate a lot of sweat. We rent mats if necessary.  Please note that we do not rent towels, but do sell them. You may also want to bring a change of clothes for after class.

What Are The Basic Class Etiquettes?
  • Be on time and only leave early if you must. It's always polite to inform your teacher ahead of time if you plan to. If you are late, wait for the teacher to acknowledge you and find the best space for you.
  • Remove your shoes at the landing before entering the studio.
  • Turn off all cell phone and pagers, even in the changing area.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors' space when you set up your mat.
  • Tailor your practice by skipping a pose or by modifying its depth, but do not digress too much from the teacher's instruction. The energy in the class changes radically when people start doing their own thing.
  • Avoid strong perfumes or lotions.
  • Observe silence during practice.
Will I Lose Weight?

Both Bikram and Flow yoga are excellent cardio-vascular workouts that raise the heart rate and burn fat. A minimum of 10 classes per month, along with a proper healthy diet will show weight stabilization. With regular practice, your digestive, respiratory, endocrine and lymphatic systems will optimally work together and you will begin to notice diminished unhealthy cravings.

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga?

The nicest thing about yoga is the range of benefits you'll receive. On a physical level, you'll experience more strength, better balance, increased stamina, better breathing, improved flexibility, better posture and healthier circulation. All of these can add value to your athletic activities, such as running, cycling or swimming or they can simply alleviate tight muscles or help in recovery of an injury. On a mental level, the practice of yoga itself engages the student in meditation, which leads to improved focus, a calm mind and general happiness. On a spiritual level, yoga encourages a process of inquiry and a connection to our true-est self.

Why Do You Use Heat?

Heat protects the muscles, allowing for deeper stretching, thins the blood to clear the circulatory system, and detoxifies the body through sweat. The heat may come as a challenge to new students but you get used to it faster than you think.

Which Yoga Practice Is Right For Me?

The best practice for you is the one that you enjoy. Practicing a variety of styles can bring you a variety of benefits. Each system is designed with different objectives but each can help you in the practice of the other. Bikram focuses on the spine and is calming while Flow focuses on upper body and core strength and is invigorating. Yin is meditative and addresses the connective tissue for longer-lasting effect. Each method could add value to your overall yoga goals. Try each style a few times.

What If I'm Not Flexible?

A common misconception of yoga is the need to be flexible in order to do the postures. Yoga is not about having the flexibility to bend into a pretzel. The aim of yoga practice is improved heath, strength, stability and happiness. With continued safe practice suited to your body's daily needs, you will notice increased flexibility over time.

Can I Practice Yoga With A Previous Injury?

Always tell your instructor of recent or prior injuries! He or she can help you get the most out of your practice while being attentive to your injury. During class, focus on doing the postures within the limits of your injury. With time, your body will heal and you will be able to return to the previous level of the postures or even go deeper with a new sense of awareness. Seriously consider doing a private session -- call us at 408.402.9642. Although it is possible to practice yoga with an injury, sometimes the best yoga is no yoga. Take a break and let your body heal.

What Can I Expect The Next Day?

If this is your first yoga class or you haven't practiced in a while, expect to feel a little sore in the muscles the next day. You may also have a headache -- it's generally a sign that your body has started detoxing. Drink a lot of water before and after class. If you sweated a lot, you may also need electrolytes. Try coming again the next day to help your body become accustomed to the practice. You may even find that relieves much of your muscle soreness.

How Is A Membership Package Tracked?

Packages and your class attendance are tracked in a database in real time. Unless you are dropping in, you should receive a key chain tag to scan yourself in each class.

How Will I Know When Class Schedules Change?

YogaSource posts changes to this Web site and on flyers within the studio. Please check the Web site at least monthly to see schedule changes and be aware that in order for us to bring workshops to the studio, we sometimes have to cancel select classes.

How Should I Prepare For Class?

Try to drink as much water as you can before class to avoid dehydration.

Avoid large meals up to three hours prior to class. Arrive 15 minutes early before your first visit to complete the new student form and get settled.

If new, practice in the back row so you can follow regularly practicing students.

Listen to the instructor's guidance describing the poses. They provide cues to help you achieve proper alignment and improve depth.

Take a break or skip a pose or two if it becomes too challenging.

Don't get discouraged. With each class, it becomes much easier to make it through all the poses.

"... I am super grateful of the opportunity to practice teaching. That made a great difference in my progression. By far that was the key to your program – giving us all the opportunity to teach and get used to speaking, yoging, putting together sequences, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for not just filling our brains! You let our brains activate our bodies."

— K.

"Even just being in the studio in child's pose on my mat waiting for class to start, I can feel the calm start to seep in. I look forward to it as much as vacation or maybe even chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting."

"I think it was good for me even though I am already teaching (and the training was probably less stressful for me than most because of that) but I feel it gave me another way of looking at sequences and taught me how to develop balanced classes. I also just liked hanging out with everyone and laughing and learning more about yoga and its history, influences and where it's going."

— E.

"If you have gone to other yoga studios, or yoga at the gym, you know that yoga instructors run the range of mediocre to excellent just like any other teacher. That's not true at YogaSource -- the instructors are consistently good, and frequently outstanding."

"Love YogaSource because after I go I feel like I have had exercise, massage, and therapy all rolled into one. It is a break from the stress of daily life that clears my head and lets me return to work/home/kids more joyful and more present."

"What amazes me most is the transformation that occurred with each individual student within a short period of time. It was a whirlwind of fascinating information, techniques and concentrated physical practice and intense focus. It amazes me how far we have come and what growth lies ahead… This training was one of the best things I've done and I will be forever grateful for it. It was fun, but challenging, and certainly placed me outside of my comfort zone a few times – I loved every minute of it, absolutely! My own practice has grown more than I could have imagined."

— S.

"YogaSource is welcoming to beginners and advanced students alike -- even if (like me) one continues to be a beginner for ten years."

"You have the best teachers! I found it very helpful to be able to always get good answers, and seeing promising results. Your teachers seem to really care about how well the students are doing, and what kind of help they need. I also like the laid back attitude at the studio in terms of getting money. You're never pushy about trying to sell the sessions to students. I really think your studio is great, or I won't be driving so far every time to go to class there"

— Helen

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