Dharma Talks

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These are recordings of the Dharma talks given at Los Gatos Insight at YogaSource. The file name shows the date and the teacher’s name as well as the topic.

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Compassion and Emptiness

Although they sound dissimilar to the thinking mind, compassion and emptiness intertwine and support the spiritual path when we allow them to change us in the process.


Love and Renunciation

Simplicity is linked to wholesome mindstates through the sutta on Lovingkindness


The Bond of Familiarity

Much of what we take to be our “self” is simply what is familiar in experience. What does this mean for freedom?


Equanimity and That Which Knows

Practicing with the idea “in the seen there is just the seen” – Anapanasati series 3


Images to Inspire

Some images from the suttas that help motivate us to practice and also point toward the deep happiness of concentration – Anapanasati series 2.


Whole Life Practice LGI

Five guidelines for bringing one’s Dharma practice into all aspects of our lives.


Skillful Speech and the Public Discourse

Choosing our speech wisely in a time when the public discourse is low quality.


Meeting What Comes to the Surface

Mindfulness brings things “to the surface,” and then our practice is to meet them well.


Liminality and the Edges

The place in between is the home of the Dharma.


Nature and the Four Floods

This talk describes four ways that the mind becomes overwhelmed and loses mindfulness, through the lens of several stories about nature.


Goals and Process

Should we have goals in practice? Sometimes yes, but mostly it’s a matter of nurturing the process that meditation invokes.


Concentration Into Wisdom – 5 Faculties Series

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