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16185 Los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos, CA 95032 (408) 402-YOGA

our instructors

Years before we had a glamorous mega-studio, we were in a small, humble, space downtown yet our classes had waiting lists for months in advance. These guys are the reason why.

Crissy Alesii Kids Yoga

Crissy Alesii

Crissy started her yoga practice in 2001. She just graduated from college and had started her first job. She found an Iyengar yoga class near her new home and decided to give it a try. She found that it helped keep her mind still and her stress down. As an added bonus she also felt stronger and more open. She loved it and hasn’t stopped practicing yoga since. Throughout the years her practiced changed, Crissy moved from Iyengar to Bikram then to Power/Vinyasa. Crissy first started teaching yoga to her students in her first and second grade classrooms. The children loved it, and Crissy loved watching their body’s naturally fall into the different poses. In 2006 she decided to complete YogaSource’s 200 hour Power teacher training led by Linda McGrath. Crissy has since taught children classes, family classes, and adult classes. She loves them all. “I love seeing different people, different bodies find their pose. It’s one of my favorite things about teaching.”

Kim Allen Meditation

Kim Allen

Kim has practiced meditation since 2003, including intensive retreats up to 3 months in length. Interested in both natural systems and human communities, she works as a sustainability consultant, and practices and teaches tai chi and qi gong. She volunteers at a local hospice and at the Insight Meditation Center, including as board president.

Kim Anderson Bikram

Kim Anderson

Kim began her life-chainging journey into yoga in 2003 when she began practicing Bikram at the Los Gatos YogaSource (at the original downtown location). Bikram soon became an addiction for Kim and she maintained a religiously consistent practice. As promised by her yoga mentors, Kim experienced amazing transformations—physically she became stronger (complimenting her natural flexibility) and for the first time in her life, she felt a strong sense of connection with her authentic self, seeing unlimited possibilities both on and off the mat. Kim began teaching Bikram yoga at YogaSource in 2006 and has been teaching the 3:30 p.m. class on Sundays ever since to accommodate her full-time PR and marketing career in the high tech field.

Kim creates a class that is challenging yet encouraging, precise yet fun. Kim incorporates her love of music and understanding that a good music mix can help carry a class from start to finish. She hopes her students find her class to be a refreshing alternative to the standard Bikram class and is filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to guide them through their practice.

Kim completed the YogaSource’s 200-hour power vinyassa teacher training program in 2012. Kim holds double Bachelors of Art degrees in Literature and Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Meaghan Barisone Bikram

Meaghan took her first Bikram Yoga class at 16. After her first class she was hooked. She loved the heat, the intensity, and amazing workout Bikram provided. She knew from that point forward that yoga was going to change, and become a very big part of her life. Meaghan completed her Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2011. Her intention is to provide thorough guidance and instruction, yet provide enough space that each student can have their own unique experience in class. After nearly four years of teaching full time (and loving it) she now teaches part time while getting her masters in Health Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University. While not teaching or taking yoga, you can find Meaghan at the beach in Santa Cruz, running the Los Gatos Trail with her black lab, doing CrossFit and spending time with her friends and family.   

Jackie Lane Bates Bikram

Jackie Lane Bates

With a background and love for running and dancing, Jackie found yoga randomly after reading a blog post on Bikram. She walked into her first yoga class in 2010—a gritty, mat-to-mat, hot vinyasa class (actually thinking it was Bikram)—and unknowingly entered into a new world of calming the mind. When she moved to California in 2012, she found and fell in love with Bikram. As the class draws on everything one has available to give, it requires acute focus on the present moment. Bikram opens and strengthens both body and mind. Learning mindful stillness inside the hot room was a game changer for Jackie.

 This yoga love drew Jackie to open more deeply in heart and mind and teach. Under the direction of Jenn Field, Jackie completed her Hot Yoga Teaching certification, 200 hours, in the summer of 2015.

 Jackie’s class is gentle yet strong. Through drawing each student back to breathe and the present moment, she is able to deeply challenge each student to open to their fullest potential that day. Words that come to mind for her class: grace, acceptance, strength. When consistently practiced, she has found these qualities to follow the practitioner off the mat.

Samantha Boozer Bikram
Hot Pilates

Sam’s yoga journey started with Bikram yoga. Recovering from a life threatening 
illness at age 18, she had lost most of her body’s muscle mass. Shortly after she was given the OK to start being active again, she stepped foot in her first Bikram class and fell in love with yoga. She loved that it challenged her physically, mentally, and 
emotionally as well as helped her to heal her  body and regain her strength. From the solid foundation a Bikram practice provided her she found a love for other styles of yoga including vinyasa, power, and ashtanga.

After experiencing all the benefits yoga had to offer, she knew she wanted to learn more and share it with others. In August 2013 she completed her 200-hour Teacher Training with Mark Stephens and early the next year completed the Hot Yoga Training with Jenn Field at YogaSource Los Gatos. She is currently working 
towards her 500-hour certification through YogaSource’s Teacher Training program.

Melissa Carlson Power

Melissa Carlson

 Melissa began practicing yoga in December of 2004 and teaching yoga in September of 2005. She was immediatley drawn to the physicality of the practice not knowing how yoga would ultimately change her life. Her passions are learning about almost anything (with more interest in philosophy, psychology and biology), animals, physical activites, cooking, reading, dancing and trying new things. Melissa just graduated from the Nursing program at SJSU and is currently studying for the NCLEX. She plans on continuing her education to become a nurse practioner. Melissa's classes are sequenced intelligently to gradually warm the body followed by a fluid flow where students can get lost in the movement and out of their heads. She encourages alignment and safety with playfulness, fun and feeling good!

Trisha Christensen Power

Trisha Christensen

 After trying yoga Trisha, and avid runner, eventually gave up running in search of something much deeper within the four corners of her mat.  In 2006 Trisha decided to take her practice further by completing the full 200hr course of study in Power Vinyasa Yoga, meeting the requirements of the Yoga Alliance under the expert guidance of Linda Schlamadinger-McGrath.  It was there, that she discovered the joy of bringing Yoga to others.

Since her training in 2006, she has had the honor of studying with many; Dharma Mitra, Sean Corne, David Swenson, Ana Forest, Duncan Wong, Patrica Sullivan, Jill Miller, Cameron Shayne, Brock and Crista Cahill, Eric Schiffman, Saul David Raye, Ganga White, Trent Bond, Max Strom, Stephani Snyder, Rolph Gates to name just a few!  Even traveling as far as Italy, to practice under the Tuscan Sun.

Trisha brings her zest of life, her athleticism and motherly instincts to those students she is blessed to teach.  When not on her mat Trisha can be found spending time with her husband and three teenage children.

Trisha Teaches the noon Hour of Power both on Monday and Friday!

Ana Marie Corona Hot Pilates

Ana Marie Corona

Bio coming soon...

Jenn Field Bikram
Hot Pilates

Jenn Field

Jenn has been a student of Bikram Yoga since 2002 and a full-time instructor since 2008. She received her Bikram Certification in 2008, her 200 hr. certification with the Yoga Alliance in 2011, and her 500hr certification in 2013.  She has also taken advanced training with Tony Sahchez in the 84 Asana System. She also holds a B.S / B.A from Duke University. Her additional knowledge of hatha yoga only enhances the way she teaches the Bikram series.

Jenn is the Director of the Bikram Program at YogaSource Los Gatos and a Senior Faculty member leading the Hot Yoga Teacher Trainings. She teaches a traditional class in the sense that she does not stray from the original 26 asanas, and an un-traditional class in the sense that she uses her own words, allows for modifications and substitutions, uses props if they benefit the student, and performs hands-on-adjustments. Jenn teaches 4 classes a week, a number of private lessons, and leads the Bikram workshops at YogaSource. She gives special thanks to the amazing yogini, Linda McGrath, whose advice has led her to hone her teaching skills since she joined the YogaSource Bikram team. When she is not taking Bikram classes, Jenn is spending time with her husband and their french bulldogs, Mishka and Masha.

Kristen Gage Hot Pilates Power
Stacey Z. Gersack Bikram
Hot Pilates

Stacey Gersack

Stacey found Bikram in 2005 and instantly fell in love with a sense of stillness within the practice. After a year of loyal practice in Bikram she expanded her practice to Power Vinyasa and fell in love with the movement.  By 2008, she became a R.Y.T. 200, having completed the YogaSource 200 hour Teacher Training under Linda Schlamadinger McGrath. In 2013 she expanded her studies and become a certified instructor under the Tony Sanchez 84 Asanas Masters Core System.  In addition to 100 hours with Rusty Wells and smaller trainings with Sean Corne, Janet Stone, Laura Christenson, Brian Kest and Max Strom, she recently completed her 500 hour training at Yoga Source Los Gatos.  She currently holds a R.Y.T E- 200 and will soon be a R.Y.T. 500. She is a member of the Hot Yoga Teacher Training Faculty with Jenn Field and Linda McGrath.  Aside from yoga she has over 400 hours of bodywork training through Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto. Stacey’s intention in each of her classes is to spread the overflow of love she finds through the beauty of movement. When she is not teaching classes or furthering the growth of her own practice, Stacey enjoys spending quality time with her son Darrian, her boxers Charley and Lolah, Newfie, Koda, and her husband Tom.  Love is Life…Life is Love! 

Billy Gloege Vinyasa mixed levels

Yoga came to Billy during a time in his life when he most needed it. It guided him towards a spiritual awakening that raised his awareness that change was and always will be needed. In his classes, Billy seeks to find this with his students by linking conscious movement and breath accessing the core of the mind, body and soul. You will be encouraged to find your personal limits which are only possible by being open to what comes up. Expect inversions of the mind and body which are metaphorical for life, showing how we react when our world is turned upside down. Billy teaching and practice are one. His belief is that a true yoga practice can be practiced both physically and mentally on and off the mat.
His practice and teachings are inspired by and dedicated to Patanjali, Kate Duyn Cariati, Claudia Townly, Garth Hewitt, Dice Iieda-Klein, Briohny Smyth and most importantly his yoga community.
Out of the studio Billy enjoys a successful career in Real Estate, is a professionally trained pilot, an accomplished sailor, and loves riding and racing motorcycles in the desert.

Amber Henzi Vinyasa Mixed Levels

Amber Henzi

Amber Henzi is a RYT 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor, (currently working towards her 500) with 125 hours of Bhakti training. She has a non traditional, creative and playful vinyasa style. She emphasizes on moving from the heart from a compassionate place within. Through the practice, Amber helps students find joy and laughter even through the most vigorous practice. Her commitment is to bring awareness into the community. "By loving ourselves, being joyful, and feeling better physically and spiritually we are better equipped to be the change in which we hope to witness on this earth."

Todd LaBerge Power
Vinyasa Mixed Levels

Todd LaBerge

Todd taught his first class by fluke when he showed up along with others to practice at a cancelled class. He volunteered to save the day, blew everybody away that day with his energy and enthusiasm and the decision was made that he was meant to be a teacher. Months of study later, he started his 3 classes a week. We’d have him slave every day but that’s the most he can squeeze into a schedule of full time Ironman training and some high-flying engineering job at Intel. His 15 plus years of experience with triathlon shed a very relevant light to those of us on the more athletic and tighter side of the practice and he is brilliant at translating the wisdom from our yoga practice into tools we can use in our other favorite sports, be it to gain a competitive edge or prevent a sports injury. Always spontaneous and high energy, his classes are a fun mix of great music tunes, unabashed humor, Survivor reviews and dating advice. Realizing that our bodies are all different, and that even our own bodies change from day to day, Todd teaches from a "Centrist" mindset. Starting from the center or middle effort level, Todd then provides you with options to take your pose either deeper or easier, which encourages you to listen to your body and make the appropriate decision for you, on that particular day. Unfortunately our moms weren't right - we're not perfect and instead should embrace our limitations and personal boundaries, only pushing them intelligently. Remember...maybe that neighbor next to you in class took a muscle relaxor today, or they're like Barry Bonds and took some flaxseed oil. There will always be someone stronger or more bendy..... Who cares? You are your own guru... listen to yourself and grow....
Susan Love Bikram Vinyasa Mixed Levels

Susan Love

Susan teaches classes that are challenging, yet accessible to all levels of practitioners. She likes to create a space that focuses on fundamentals while also allowing students to explore and take their practice to a deeper level. Susan has completed YogaSource’s power vinyasa training and Paul Grilley’s yin yoga teacher training.

Angela Majic Hot Pilates Vinyasa Mixed Level

Angela Majic

Angela discovered Yoga over 13 years ago as a powerful method of healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.  After several years of developing a consistent Yoga practice, she felt inspired to become a certified teacher to share her passion for Yoga.

Angela is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor and has formal training and certifications with Integrative Yoga Therapy, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, Ananda School of Yoga for Prenatal and Postnatal Training, and Yogadoodles training for young children.  She regularly attends workshops and teacher intensives to continually enhance her knowledge and teaching.  She most recently spent one month in India, the birthplace of Yoga, learning about the philosophy and history of Yoga.  In addition to being a Yoga Instructor, she is a credentialed elementary school teacher, a certified massage therapist and a Marriage and Family Therapist.  She also enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, and spending time with family.    

In her dynamic flow-based classes she emphasizes linking breath with movement.  Her teaching style builds strength, flexibility and self-awareness. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies and attend to proper alignment during her challenging, but fun-filled classes.

Angela has dedicated herself to a life of balance, awareness and compassion.  She has a tremendous amount of gratitude for this practice and has devoted herself to learning how to use the practice of Yoga to heal, empower and inspire others!! She instructs classes, workshops and leads retreats all over the globe!

Angela’s class, workshop and retreat schedule can be found at www.bodymindbliss.com

Stacey Martinez Hot Pilates

Stacey Martinez

Stacey began her yoga journey in 2002 and instantly fell in love with the challenge of balancing the unification of movement and breath with the art of stilling the mind. Within 6 months of discovering yoga, Stacey began teaching Bikram, which she taught for 5 years. As her practice evolved, her desire to expand her knowledge of yoga deepened, and she decided to shift her focus to Power Yoga. Stacey became Yoga Alliance certified in 2005 through the 200 hour Yoga Source Power Flow Program and the Level One Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Program. In addition to her certifications, Stacey has been greatly influenced and inspired by teachers such as Linda McGrath, Jill Miller, Stephanie Snyder, Janet Stone, Gabriella Walters and Rusty Wells.
Stacey teaches a dynamic Power Yoga class that builds strength and flexibility while paying close attention to form and alignment. She teaches a deliberate Power class with long holds, sprinkled with non-traditional movement with the intention of revitalizing the conventional asana. You will be challenged, both mentally and physically, and will leave the class feeling invigorated and alive.
Erin Matteucci Vinyasa Mixed Levels

Erin Matteucci

Erin’s yogic journey began with a beginner’s video and a carefully-placed mat on her bedroom floor.  It definitely wasn't love at first chaturanga-but posture by posture and class by class, she felt her body begin to feel lighter, quieter and stronger.  
Craving the relaxed exhaustion and focused quiet mind in her own body, she teaches from that space with a consuming gentle presence that immediately puts you at ease on your yoga mat.   Erin believes that it is through  focus and intention that you find yourself- Hold Warrior I for 10 breaths and meet who you really are!

A power yoga devotee, she thinks that Baron said it best, "steady breath, steady gaze, steady mind = steady practice".  Can we move with grace even when challenged by a practice we once moved through with ease?  We are different every day, every moment.  It is with acceptance that you grow in your physical practice, with awareness that you learn to make your movements purposeful, and with an open heart that you take your yoga practice off the mat.  
Erin holds two 200-hour teaching certifications and has been teaching power yoga since 2005.

Linda McGrath Vinyasa Mixed Levels

Linda McGrath

Linda is the founder and owner of YogaSource Los Gatos, Silicon Valley's premier yoga studio. She leads workshops, conferences and retreats in the US and internationally. As the Director of the YogaSource Teacher Training Institute since its inception in 2006, she has nurtured hundreds of successful yoga instructors from across the country.

Linda has trained in both the US and India in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power, Pilates, Yoga therapeutics, Yin and Vipassana meditation. She is a student of modern Buddhism, Jungian psychology and Interpersonal Neurobiology. Her yoga classes are a playful and masterful blend of precision, elegance, and breath. 

Linda has been interviewed and profiled by YogaJournal, NBC News, ABC's Best of the Bay, Common Ground, Yogi Times, San Jose Magazine, Los Gatos Weekly News and other publications. At other times of the day, she is a mom, a wife, a writer, a designer, and a foodie. Linda is a Senior Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and a board member of Insight World Aid, a local grassroots non-for profit inspired by the Buddhist principles of wisdom and compassion. 

Melinda Mount Bikram

Melinda Mount

Melinda has been an aspiring yogi ever since taking her first Bikram yoga class in 2007.  She has always enjoyed being active, from playing team sports to sexy salsa dance performances to mixed martial arts. Yoga has been one of the few sustainable practices in her life that consistently allows for physical/mental renewal and awareness.  She holds a BS degree from UC Berkeley in nutritional science, and she currently specializes as an RD working with the underserved adolescent population.  She has continued her studies in both functional nutrition and fitness, and holds certifications in working with food sensitivities and also as a personal trainer (NASM). She completed her 200-hr yoga teacher training with Linda McGrath at YogaSource in 2011.   She has since trained with Jenn Field with an in-depth study of Bikram yoga and continues her yoga studies as a part of the YogaSource 500-hour training program.  She currently enjoys teaching weekly Bikram and flow classes.  She believes that each student is unique (and pretty awesome!), and thus the practice of yoga to be a unique experience  - one that provides a space for modifications and adjustments to fit the needs of each individual student. Off the mat, Melinda enjoys most anything outdoors or in the water - scuba diving, riding her motorcycle, and spending time with her boyfriend and their Boston Terrier. 

Amy Perera Mat Pilates

Amy Perera

Amy focuses on personalized training for individuals at all levels of physical fitness, emphasizing core strength, flexibility and stability training for all. She believes that Pilates training provides a strong foundation for both strength, body tone, and well-being. Having suffered an injury from a rock climbing accident 20 years ago, she’s sensitive to helping students that might be recovering from injuries or physical pain. Her approach is deeply informed by the 18+ years she spent practicing Bikram Yoga. Amy has trained with, and received her Pilates certification from Tom McCook, founder of the Center of Balance in Mountain View. She has taken workshops from Melinda Black, and has completed Pilates and meditation training at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico. Her training further includes coursework in anatomy (when she was considering a career in nursing!). Outside the studio, Amy spends her time raising two boys, and exploring the hikes and beaches of Northern California. She loves snowboarding, hiking, and craft projects.

Jackie Rogers Bikram

Jackie Rogers

Jackie started practicing Bikram Yoga in San Luis Obispo in 2004 while attending Cal Poly University. She instantly fell in love with the practice and knew she wanted to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, but put it off until she had finished her degree and spent a few years in the corporate world. Jackie completed her Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the spring 2010. Being active and working out has always been a big part of Jackie’s life. She loves the challenge, the heat, and the way her body feels after Bikram. Now she teaches part time while running operations at a small product design company she started with her husband, in Los Gatos, CA. While not teaching or practicing at Yoga Source, she enjoys hanging out in Santa Cruz, doing CrossFit, and spending time with her husband and English Mastiff.

Kylie Sloan Gentle Yin

Kylie Sloan

Kylie started practicing yoga in 2006 after years of training as a competitive gymnast at Gold Star Gymnastics LLC. She fell in love with Vinyasa flow which stood in stark contrast to her mentally and physically strenuous gymnastics practice. No longer pressured by the quest for perfection, Kylie felt liberated through the practice of yoga regardless of the style. She discovered her open and grounded center and tries to bring that awareness into her everyday life. As she began to read more about yoga, she felt a strong connection with Buddhist philosophy and works to integrate this learning into her own practice.

Kylie is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor. After completing the 200-hour Teacher Training at YogaSource Los Gatos in the summer of 2010, she became fascinated with anatomy and even more drawn to yoga philosophy. In her classes, Kylie emphasizes the importance of breath and listening to one’s own body as a guide for the practice. To enhance the connection between mind, body, and spirit, she incorporates movement and deep meditation into her sequences. Kylie creates a relaxing, welcoming environment with her calm, reassuring presence to foster a healthy, feel-good experience for her students. Kylie loves working with children. She gained experience teaching gymnastics at a camp for kids at Gold Star, and is developing a yoga program for kids through the city of Cupertino.

Studying art history and literature at University of California Santa Cruz, Kylie plans to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in June of 2014. When she is not on her mat, Kylie enjoys practicing modern dance, throwing pottery, and spending time with her family and close friends. After getting certified as an instructor, Kylie felt a new kind of devotion to her yoga practice and is excited to share the practice she loves wholeheartedly with others.

Kylie owes many thanks to those who have greatly influenced her practice and encouraged her to teach. She would like to acknowledge Nichole Wargo, Jaclyn Long, Linda McGrath, Erin Matteucci, Sensei Kevin Snorf, and Melody Wu for their guidance and inspiration.

Genevieve So Vinyasa Mixed Levels

Genevieve So

Genevieve was raised in a household practicing meditation and devotional yoga. Growing up she continuously came to yoga and pilates as her main form of exercise, becoming more disciplined in her practice because of its mindful benefits in 2001. Genevieve completed 200 hour YogaSource, Yoga Alliance Certified, training with Linda McGrath, Fall 2011.  She is currently pursuing her SmartFlow 500 hour certification with Annie Carpenter in Venice, CA.

She encourages specificity in alignment for students to find what feels good in their body and quiet the mind.  Emphasizing that the yoga is not the postures, but the awareness and the integrity of your movement.  She welcomes you to sweat, laugh, and open your heart with purposeful intention! A pastry chef for six years before teaching yoga, her voracious appetite for food extends to her quest of living life to the fullest. Genevieve finds solace in the solitude of the mountains, hiking, camping, and seeks to grow at snowboarding.

Teaching in North Lake Tahoe for the past year and a half, she is now in the bay area, grateful for all her teachers past and present.  

Cindy Walker Vinyasa Mixed Levels Gentle Yin

Cindy Walker

Cindy Walker, R.Y.T. has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years. She has a B.A. in Movement Therapy and Psychology, and holds certifications from the White Lotus Foundation, Erich Schiffman, Bryan Kest, Paul Grilley and Judith Lasater. She teaches Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative, Gentle, Pre-natal, Post-partum & Yin Yoga. Her teaching style is eclectic, and draws into each class the wisdom of the eight limbs of Yoga theory. She teaches a holistic approach that uses breath, movement, magic, humor, psychology and deep relaxation.

Marie Watson Gentle Restorative
Ann Weismann Gentle

Ann Weismann

Ann's movement roots began in the dance world with an extensive background in classical ballet and Modern dance. She is a certified Pilates Mat instructor through the Physical Mind Institute and a certified Pilates Apparatus trainer by nationally recognized instructor and body worker, Madeline Black. Ann has taught Pilates since 1999 and loves working with beginners to advanced movers creating functional strength and freedom of movement in an atmosphere where all levels are welcome.
The positive benefits for health and well being led Ann to Yoga where she completed the 200 hour Gentle Yoga Training with Linda McGrath and Cindy Walker and Yoga Therapy with Cheri Clampett.
Ann brings energy, humor and compassion to her Gentle Yoga classes and is committed to helping her students create balance in their lives.

Jimiann Wong Chair Yoga

Jimiann Wong

Jimiann’s first yoga class was at YogaSource in June 2002. Her friend told her to prepare for it to be “hot and to bring a towel and a water bottle.” She had no idea what impact that yoga class would have on her life several years later. Having had two babies at the time, she craved for something to alleviate her emotional and physical fatigue. Upon taking Linda and Erin’s flow yoga classes in 2005, she was completely smitten by this style of practice and has never looked back. In her class, you will find a vigorous and light hearted flow, where students will be reminded to move with their breath and listen to their bodies. By gradually warming the joints and the body, she prepares you to move through your practice with strength and ease. She hopes to provide a safe and nurturing space to allow students to explore, to feel inspired and to leave with a sense of well-being. Jimiann completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Linda McGrath at YogaSource. Aside from working part time and raising four kids, she enjoys snow skiing and playing golf.

Annie Zeid Hot Pilates Power

After a long journey of looking for something beyond a normal workout or running outside, Annie found and fell in love with yoga in 2012 and she knew she wanted to teach it from the beginning. She is a RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor and is currently working toward her 500 hour certification. She has studied and mentored under Linda McGrath, trained under Maty Ezraty, and is passionate about continuing her yoga education. She teaches a challenging yet accessible class and is passionate about sharing the healing physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga with her students.


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