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questions to ask

Enrolling in any teacher training program is a big commitment to your time and finances. This long page is designed to help you make the best decision, and consider all the questions you probably don't even know you should ask. For more information, join us for one of our Free Information Sessions.

We have learned over the years that the needs of trainees at the Foundational (200 hour) and Advanced (300 and 500+ levels) are radically different, so the pertinent questions when applying to those different program will vary greatly.

Over the many years of offering our 200 hour Foundational Training, we have refined the art of presenting a very comprehensive curriculum in the simplest possible way so as not to overwhelm younger and aspiring teachers. Our goal is to equip you not only with solid information but also with all the nurturing needed for you to take the courageous leap into teaching with confidence. The curriculum is offered in a more dense format to truly immerse you in the experience of living and breathing yoga. Trainees spend all 200 hours under the tutelage of the same Director assisted by a small faculty, which allows for a more comprehensive and meaningful mentorship.

In contrast, our 500+ Advanced program is much more diverse to allow more settled teachers to refine and specialize their skills in the fields and with the masters that most appeal to their individual sensibilities. More time between select modules allows for the knowledge to sink into the many dimensions of human understanding. Our 500+ Hour Advanced Program offers yoga professionals the diversity and sophistication of curriculum comparable to that of a modern university.

What both our 200 and 500+ programs have in common are the world-class quality of our faculty, the emphasis on practical application, the cutting-edge nature of our curriculum, the atmosphere of friendship and support, and the yoga and fitness communities' recognition of our certificates.


questions to consider when applying to a 200 HOUR LEVEL program

  1. What percentage of graduates go on to teach yoga and where? The best testimonial to the strength of our program is that almost all of our graduates go on to teach. Whilst a certification from our training does not guarantee a teaching position at YogaSource, we almost exclusively hire from our list of graduates.
  2. Many programs choose to leverage their teacher training hours on workshops. Question how many of these hours are truly valuable for a teacher or if they're also geared to the general public. A number of workshops do not a teacher training make, especially if you have never taught before.
  3. What is included in the tuition costs? In our 200 hour modules, you will not have to incur any additional costs to complete your 100 or 200 certification. You do not have to enroll and pay for additional workshops. 
  4. Is there an application process? At YogaSource, we carefully evaluate each applicant and acceptance is only granted if we believe they are ready to meet the challenge of the curriculum.
  5. Are there tests? The value of the YogaSource certification is very high and our exit exam and other checkpoints throughout the course help us ensure that trainees are on track and that we can maintain the standard established over the years.
  6. What are the credentials of the institution? YogaSource is the premier yoga studio of Silicon Valley, as attested by the numerous awards we win from the public each year. Our program is recognized by every yoga studio and premium fitness facilities in Silicon Valley and beyond.
  7. Is there a limit to class size? Enrollment on our 200 hour modules is capped at 30. This results in strong and meaningful relationship between the Director and yourself as well as with all your fellow trainees, during and after the program.
  8. How much does the training cost? Whilst we discourage you to base your decision on cost alone, it is important to understand all the costs associated with a training. Then the best way to compare trainings is to break down the price per hour. Prices for trainings at established studios range from $12-$18 per hour, with some programs charging additionally for the manual. Most of our hours (all 200 hour level hours as well as most of the 500+ hours) are priced at $14/hour. Only some specialty trainings in the 500+ program reach $18/hour.
  9. Is feedback available from past participants? We list feedback on the Training Testimonials page because we feel the best way to communicate the strengths of our program is through the real-life experiences of our graduates. 
  10. How many hours are spent with each member of the faculty? We strongly discourage you from taking a 200 hour training that has you going from teacher to teacher. You will feel completely lost and whilst you may enjoy each teacher and have a great time, your experience will be fragmented and your ability to teach after the training will be in great question. We have seen this again and again with graduates from other programs who want to teach at YogaSource. We strongly encourage you to take a yoga class from the main faculty and meet with them so that you can get a feel for who they are. Keep in mind that many people make great teachers but not necessarily great teacher trainers. Do your homework and ask past graduates about the true "training" they received. 
  11. How may hours are spent practice teaching? Most 200 hour programs include practice teaching as part of a group (Round Robin format) on the last day(s), with limited opportunities to practice teach until then. In our 200 hour program, there are a minimum of 2 hours of practice teaching each day, starting with the first day. Everything you learn in the morning is immediately put to practice in the afternoon and this is what delivers the results we have seen again and again: everybody grows confident and improves exponentially.



  1. How diverse is the offering? 300, not to mention 500 hours are a long time to spend with one teacher alone. This is the old model of guru-disciple and most modern yoga teachers struggle to commit to that for a justified reason. There is so much knowledge out there, so many traditions, so many aspects to the practice that limiting all your advanced training to one source can be restraining and repetitive. The YogaSource Advanced Training deliberately brings you both depth and breadth - some of the best specialists of each yoga tradition or specialty, multiplied by the number of hours on offer. This eclectic and flexible curriculum broadens your horizons and promotes your individuality as a teacher.
  2. How many hours/modules are offered a year? This is an important question because it will affect your ability to graduate in a timely fashion. We offer over 1000 of differentiated credit hours per year, more than any other Advanced Program to our knowledge.
  3. How flexible is the curriculum? At YogaSource, enrollment in the Advanced program is on a rolling basis. Once you are enrolled, you are the ultimate decision-maker on what modules appeal to you and there are many to choose from! You essentially create your advanced studies with the help of the Teacher Training Advisor who ensures your hours meet the standards of the Yoga Alliance.

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