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Yoga and Aging well

Remember when a quick visit to the gym or swipe of Nars Blush in orgasm was all it took to make us feel cute? When we recovered from a late night, no problemo? Oh, that feeling of eternal life — and effortless beauty — was the nectar of the gods back in our 20s and 30s. Then something happened…We hit our 40s. Somehow we didn’t heal as well, or bounce back as quickly. We started to realize that effortless beauty wasn’t quite so well, effortless anymore. Everybody talks about aging, but once...

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The Benefits of a Balanced Practice

Do you find that your running yourself ragged? Are you always on the move trying to be everything to everyone? Whether we like it or not – society has programed us to be as productive as possible no matter what’s going on in the external world. When I get caught in the busyness of everyday life, instead of paying attention to my body and slowing down, I continue to live at an unsustainable pace until I burn myself out. Perhaps it’s a byproduct of living in the Silicon Valley, but I...

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Navigating the Emotional Richness of Your Practice

Yoga, if we are lucky, brings us to the deepest and most vulnerable parts of ourselves. As we move and breathe through the practice with mindfulness, with watchful compassion for our experience, we can begin to see more clearly where we are stuck, where we have resistance and hardness. Conversely, yoga also illuminates and strengthens our inner knowing, our light and joy. One thing is certain; if you have practiced yoga for any amount of time (or lived a human life on this planet for any amount of time) you may...

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How to Spot an Evolved Yogi

Yesterday, I posted the following on Facebook, and received a storm of responses: You all made some very good points, some funny ones, and some very deep ones too. My question was more practical - as teachers, how do we spot an evolved practice? Teaching being a creative endeavor, it’s helpful to define the implicit or explicit goals we have for our students and to outline the markers that will validate our approach so that at some point we can hope to gain job satisfaction that...

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